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Go Out And Live!

Jul 20, 2021

Investment planning is the final step in The 6 Steps to Starting Your Personal Financial Planning. Why? Because I think it's the top of the hierarchy of financial needs. With cash flow planning as the foundation and the rest of our steps leading to your investment plan, you're now armed with the tools to build your...

Jul 13, 2021

It's hard to make this a "fun" topic, but I really believe that estate planning is for almost everyone. It's not just for really rich people with millions and millions of dollars. It doesn't have to cost a lot, and it doesn't actually take THAT much work or money to get yourself set up properly. 


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Jul 6, 2021

A certain unalienable right was a critical element of the Founding Documents of The United States of America. That right is the pursuit of happiness, a not-so-distant cousin of financial independence. Today, were discussing a few ways to think about making work optional. 


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Jun 29, 2021

DISCLAIMER: I am not a CPA or tax advisor. Nothing in this episode should be considered tax advice. Consult a tax advisor before making decisions that involve your taxes. 

This week we continue on The 6 Steps to Starting Your Personal Financial Planning. Our tax dollars do a lot of things for us, but nobody wants to pay...

Jun 22, 2021

As we continue our exploration of the 6 Steps to Starting Your Personal Financial Planning, we come to insurance and risk management. The goal is not to tell you what insurance to buy or not buy, but to give you a thought process for coming to those decisions on your own. 

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