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Go Out And Live!

Jun 28, 2022

As we continue our conversation on planning for the event of sudden job loss, we dive into several insurance-related iems. We talk about health insurance options, like COBRA, and dive into life insurance as well. There's more to this conversation to come. 


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Jun 21, 2022

Coach Jim Mora's response to a question about making the playoffs resulted in one of the funniest post-game interviews in the NFL. As news of layoffs continues to make the front page, we discuss a few elements of your compensation package that could require some planning in case you get the dreaded pink...

Jun 14, 2022

I'd prefer frozen in this case, but I found myself faced with a decision to liquidate hundreds of thousands of dollars of investments or borrow money. I chose the borrowing route, and while I think it was the right decision FOR ME, it doesn't come without risks and without me losing control of money. 


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Jun 7, 2022

Media is a business, not a public service. The same is true for social media. Their goals are to extract as much profit as they can. Sensationalism sells, pragmatism doesn't. Next time you're listening to someone on TV talk about doom and gloom, remember that they don't care if you meet your goals or not. Only that you...

May 31, 2022

Don't worry, this is still a personal finance podcast. Today we're talking about a phenomenon that can both help investors weather terrible downturns in stock prices, and pump-fake us into believing we're done with the selling. We've already had one such dead cat bounce in the market this year, and there could...