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Fifteen Minute Financial Advisor

Mar 31, 2020

What will you regret not having done during this "quarantine?"

It's easy to spend time. It's harder to invest time. Investing time takes deliberate thought about what you want to accomplish with your time. 


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Mar 24, 2020

Nobody really knows what's coming next. The market doesn't know, the government doesn't know. You and I don't know. Instead of worrying about it, let's get down to the business of handling our business. Let's get stuff done that we've been putting off. This is our chance!

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Mar 17, 2020

A lot has been said about market corrections or crashes. What seems poignant to me is when markets drop in such dramatic fashion as we are seeing right now, how similar things become. Different on the way up, seemingly the same on the way down. 

This too shall pass. Hold On, Be Strong.


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Mar 10, 2020

Panic is gripping the markets, and when these times occur, it's a very natural instinct to want to cut and run. This week we're talking about some possibilities in the markets, and more importantly, what you should do about it. 


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Mar 3, 2020

Last week we talked about being prepared with your portfolio while the market was calm. Well, the timing was terrible, because US stock markets dropped around 15% in a single week! This week, it's a short one about taking care of yourself and protecting yourself. 


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